Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photograph: Parakeet

I've always loved taking photographs. I'm thinking of posting photos I've taken every once in awhile. The one above is actually a photo of a photo I took. Haha, sorry for the ridiculousness of that! I put the photo in a frame and I'm too lazy to take it out to scan. Anyways, I think the frame makes the photo more charming somehow. I took this photo with a manual camera for my black and white photography class during high school and it's one of my favorites. I just took the picture in the spur of the moment and it turned out perfectly! Kind of hard to do when dealing with an animal who will likely be scurrying out of a picture right before the flash goes off...

Have a soft spot in your heart for birds?
If so you'll just adore the birdy shakers housenine is giving away. I know I sure do! In a few days these adorable salt and pepper shakers will find out the new home they will fly away too.

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