Tuesday, January 26, 2010

$2 Red Dot Sale @ Barnes & Noble!

I stopped by the mall today and while I was there noticed my Barnes & Noble had a few tables of books, leftover Christmas puzzles and Christmas cards for only $2 DOLLARS!!!! Not sure how long the sale has been going on for or how long it will last,but if you pass a B&N anytime soon while shopping its worth checking out. I got a few different puzzles (my family always puts a puzzle together every year on Christmas Eve/Christmas). For $2 you can't really go wrong- full price they were $10-$15 dollars! I also picked up a box of ADORABLE Curious George Christmas cards. They are just too cute! Can't wait to send them out next year. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

These movies need to come out ASAP!!!

I haven't posted in awhile and decided to do a little post about some upcoming movies for spring that I'm REALLY excited for. So here they are...

This movie is based on the Nicholas Sparks novel, which I have to admit I wasn't to crazy about when I read it a few years ago. LOVE Amanda Seyfried though and the movie seems really cute. So despite not liking the book to much I'm SUPER excited for this movie to come out on February 5th. Click here to view the trailer.


There is so much hype over this movie all ready. OPI created a line of Alice and Wonderland nail polish and Urban Decay created a book of shadows inspired by the movie...All I gotta say is it better be good! Tim Burton's made it so I'm sure it will be. I'm looking forward to seeing Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter. Seems like the role is right up his alley. Long live Captain Jack though. He will always be my favorite Johnny Depp character. Lucky for me there's another Pirates movie in the works. 2011 why aren't you here yet? :) Until then, I guess Alice and Wonderland will do.It will be in theaters March 5th. Click here to view the trailer.

Last Song is another movie based off a Nicholas Sparks novel. Miley Cyrus is in it. It should be interesting seeing her in a non Hannah Montana role. The whole beach setting is totally making me wish it were summer and warm out though. Because of this movie the book has been added to my loooong looooong list of books to read. I like reading books after seeing the movie though, so I guess I will save this one for the summer. The movie comes out on April 2nd. Click here to view the trailer.

Friday, January 1, 2010

After Christmas shopping trip...

Happy 2010! I spent the first day of the new year shopping and found some great sales! :)

First I went to Kohl's and the mall in the afternoon. I got a new pair of jeans from Kohl's for $15.99. I had a coupon for $10 dollars so I ended up getting them for $5.99. While I was at the mall I picked up a cute dress from the clearance racks at JCPennys. It's the peacock print dress from their I Heart Ronson line. It was originally priced at $50 dollars but I got it for $10.19!

Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secret were having their semi-annual sales but neither had anything that great. For some reason I think their summer semi-annual sales are better...

Tonight I went to Target to check out the Christmas clearance. I was hoping to find a pack of Christmas cards but everything was picked over. However everything was 75% off and I did find a few things! I picked up a cute pink 2 ft tinsel tree for $1.99 for my sister. I also got 2 packs of tiny glass ball ornaments which were only 62 cents each and a pack of ornament hooks for 17 cents to go with the tree.

Last of all I picked up a stocking for myself. I already have a stocking (which I really like) from when I was little so I didn't need one. But it was only $2.49 and WAY too cute to pass up. I mean c'mon hot pink+ Tinkerbell?

I'm going to hang it up as a decoration in my room when the holidays roll around next year!