Monday, March 29, 2010

Charmed by Charm Bracelets

"Consider a charm bracelet "history on a wrist"—there is nothing more personal or symbolic. Laden with tiny figurines, fond remembrances, and sweet forget-me-nots collected over the years, charm bracelets chronicle small moments in a life lived."-Tracey Zabar

I've always been drawn to charm bracelets for some reason or another. I don't actually have very many of my own though. Actually, the only true charm bracelet I have is the one in the header of my blog that a bought a few summers ago in American Eagle. I also have two modular Italian Charm bracelets. Remember when those where a big craze?

I love browsing Ebay and Etsy for vintage charm bracelets. Partially because I just find it interesting to look at different ones with all their array of charms and also because I think I eventually want to get a vintage charm bracelet or two. Maybe because it's so different and one-of-a-kind from anything you could ever find in stores today. Each one really is like a piece of history. I feel as soon as I buy one though I won't be able to resist all the others. Soon enough I would probably find myself with a whole collection of vintage charm bracelets!

I recently stumbled across an article,"History on a Wrist", from that was about charm bracelets. It is mostly an excerpt from a book called Charmed Bracelets that was written by jewelery designer Tracey Zabar. I think a book on charm bracelets would make for a pretty interesting read. I browsed and saw there are a few other books out there on that topic as well. I might just have to add some of them to my reading list. :)

And because I am so enamored by charm bracelets It just wouldn't be right to end this post without of course including pictures of some! I just love how one charm bracelet can be so different from the next...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Safari Style!

As I was getting dressed for work this morning I was thinking "My outfit looks awfully cute today. I'm always writing posts about the clothes I buy, maybe should start posting pictures of outfits I put together that I really like." Hence, this blog post.

What I Wore Today:

Sweater: New York & Company, Circa 2007ish?
Beaded Cami: New York & Company, Circa 2007ish?
Pants: The Limited Drew Fit
Belt: F21 (bought in store last week, don't see it online)
Shoes: open-toed a.n.a flats from JCPennys, Circa 2008
Bracelet: Express
Pig Necklace: Gift
Ring: High School Class Ring, Josten's Chante (S56), Circa 2005
Bag: Dooney & Bourke Medium Giraffe Sac (similar here)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Liberty of London for Target.

I went to my local Target this afternoon to check out the new Liberty of London collection that was just released recently. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Especially the clothing line and the fun flowery prints. So of course being the clothing obsessed person that I am I had to blog about it! :)

I was browsing the collection online a few days ago and saw several tops that I really liked. My store had pretty much all the clothing items on the racks but unfortunately they were sold out of the size small for alot of the items like this super adorable Tiered Ruffle Keyhole Tank (in Multi-Color Fairford Replacement Print). At only $19.99 it's super affordable too!

However, the trip to Target was not a waste as I did pick up a the Ruffle Neck Top(in Pink Dunclare Print) in the last size small- guess I got lucky on this one! This was $19.99 as well.

Dear Summer,
Please come soon.
Shelley :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Giveaway from Amber's Notebook!

Amber, a blogger whom I regularly follow is having another giveaway. The Grand Prize is this absolutely ADORABLE bow necklace. There are also five smaller prizes- a $5 dollar coupon good at the following Etsy stores:, and

To enter to win these prizes head over to Amber's Notebook.