Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Giveaway Win, Another Giveaway Round Up!

When I came home from work on Monday I had a surprise waiting for me Inbox... an email telling me I was randomly selected as a winner of another giveaway I entered! This win was a part of Shelby's Sweet 16 Celebration over at the blog Heck of a Bunch. Click on the button below to check out the blog:

My Prize:
Meri Meri's Groovy Cupcakes Kit

Thanks Terra & Meri Meri for making baking more fun!

I love baking cupcakes! Can't wait to use this cupcake decorating kit. I am going to use it in July and bake a batch of Funfetti cupcakes for my mom's birthday. Speaking of cupcakes and my mom, she recently ordered a Cupcake Decorator Tool Set from Avon. Super excited for that order to come in. Between my 70's themed cupcake kit win and the decorator tool set I'm looking forward to making some pretty awesome cupcakes!

Now enough of this cupcake talk and onto my round up of giveaways...

Heavenly Savings is giving away an 8x10 print from LauraBPhotograph.

By Hand Giveaways has your chance to win an adorable reusable embroidered grocery tote from the Etsy shop GraceyMay.

R3 Daily is giving away a complete set of the Rescue Beauty Lounge Surf Collection nail polish.

Etsy It Up is giving one lucky duck the chance to win $30 Gussy shop credit!

On The Search For Hidden Treasure is giving away a custom stepping stone from Set In Stone Shop. If I win I'd chose the Home Sweet Home one for my mom to put in her rock garden. :)

Melinda Joy is giving away a bouquet of flowers from Teleflora!

Photograph: Parakeet

I've always loved taking photographs. I'm thinking of posting photos I've taken every once in awhile. The one above is actually a photo of a photo I took. Haha, sorry for the ridiculousness of that! I put the photo in a frame and I'm too lazy to take it out to scan. Anyways, I think the frame makes the photo more charming somehow. I took this photo with a manual camera for my black and white photography class during high school and it's one of my favorites. I just took the picture in the spur of the moment and it turned out perfectly! Kind of hard to do when dealing with an animal who will likely be scurrying out of a picture right before the flash goes off...

Have a soft spot in your heart for birds?
If so you'll just adore the birdy shakers housenine is giving away. I know I sure do! In a few days these adorable salt and pepper shakers will find out the new home they will fly away too.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Sunday...

Today was a rather dreary day. But I guess you need the April showers to bring May flowers, right? I made the best of the weather and went out shopping! I didn't end up finding anything though. Oh well, I suppose it's for the best. My closets and drawers are packed as it is. I have such a hard time parting with old clothes, shoes and accessories! If I don't start getting rid of some stuff and keep buying things I will end up like Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic...

Speaking of, the drawer I keep all of my jewelry is in MAJOR need of some re-organization. I keep putting it off but I really need to work on that! Any good organizers out there have any ideas/tips for me?

Hope you all had a fun weekend (even if you had a rainy Sunday too)! xoxo

P.S.- Be sure to check out these fabulous giveaways!!!
  • Kellie of on the brink... of something beautiful is giving away a little package of goodies to one lucky reader in celebration of having 100+ blog readers! The deadline to enter is tomorrow so head over to her blog to enter for your chance to win this cute giveaway!
  • My Arts Desire is generously giving away gift certificates to a really great Etsy shop, Haiti By Hand that features the work of Hatian artisans. I LOVE that this prize helps out such a great cause! Click here to enter.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sail Away with Me...

I'm loving that nautical is one of the "it" looks for spring/summer 2010. Here are my picks of some great nautical inspired pieces. Happy sailing! (Or rather, Happy shopping)? After all these picks are just too darn cute to sit on clothing racks!

Antro's Field Game Cardigan definitely makes me think nautical with it's white and navy stripes and gold buttons. The lace trim adds a nice girly touch, don't you think? At $118 dollars it's out of my price range but adorable and nautical inspired nonetheless.

Delia's Brooke Polka Dot Dress is a modern twist on the nautical look. I love the mix of the solid blue and red material with the polka dot print used for the lower half of the dress! The dress also ties in the back which I totally love!

For a more casual nautical inspired look this Roxanne by the Sea Tank from Delia's would be perfect paired with your favorite pair of denim shorts or capris! I mean c'mon how could you not love the sailboat print?!?! I think this tank would be fun to wear during the summer months ahead.

Ann Taylor Loft's Sheer Stripe V-Neck Cardigan would be a great alternative to the Antro cardigan I posted above. Especially if a $118 dollar price tag and lace trimming aren't your thing. The navy color and stripes give it a subtle nautical look. I love the simple look to this cardigan and think it could easily be paired other pieces.

What would this post be without a skirt? My pick is American Eagle's AE Nautical Skirt. I love the seer-sucker print and button detailing.

I started this post with an Antro item so why not end it with one too! If you feel like being a little daring why not try the Salty Seas Dress? The lobster print most definitely reminds me of the beach and summer!

Of course you can't forget a nautical-inspired accessory to add the perfect finishing touch to your summer outfit! I'm loving the sailor knot necklace available from the etsy store thevamoose.

Feeling lucky? Head over to the blog westervin for your chance to win this one-of-a-kind necklace!

If you enter please mention I referred you!

Thanks. The giveaway ends tomorrow April 25th at 11:59 PM CST.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Looking for some fun ways to be earth friendly? Check out my blog posts from this month:

Try your luck with some Eco-Friendly Giveaways for a chance to win...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Outfit of the Day: A Whiter Shade of Pale

I posted my first Outfit of the Day last month and figured me and my Hot Pink Canon Powershot are long overdue to come back with another Outfit of the Day post! My white blouse made me think of the song 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' by Procol Harum. With National Record Store Day being Saturday I thought that would be a perfect title for today's look...

What I Wore Today:

Blouse: East 5th Layered-Look Blouse, JcPenney
Necklace: Ten Thousand Villages , Circa 2009
Jeans: SO Wave Flare Jeans, Kohls
Shoes: Loeffler Randall for Target Cinch Flats, Circa 2008

Since you can't see the fabulous necklace I am wearing in my picture here is a close-up of it. I purchased it last year shortly after my birthday from fair trade retailer Ten Thousand Villages and I absolutely ADORE it! It was handmade by artisans in Peru (If my memory serves me correct I believe Allpa was the one). When I saw it I just knew I had to have it! Unfortunately I think they have discontinued this design because it is no longer on the website and I haven't seen one in a Ten Thousand Villages store since I bought mine.

And finally a close up of my pretty flats! I just came across these tucked away in a box while looking through my closet for another pair of shoes earlier this week and I totally forgot I even had them!!! [Note to self: Take a better mental inventory of shoe collection]. I still remember spotting these in Target a few years ago and drooling over them. They were $29.99 and I wasn't sure if they would hold up well so I didn't want to spend that much on them. Then one day lo and behold I was browsing the shoe section of Target and found these little beauties in the color and size I wanted. The best part? I got them for $7 dollars and some change!

Bonus Music Trivia (in honor of Record Store Day):
  • More than 900 artists have recorded cover versions of the Procol Harum song 'A Whiter Shade of Pale.'
  • In 2009 Procul Harum's 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' was named the most played song on British radio over the last 75 years. Which means it was played more than any songs by THE BEATLES! Pretty impressive...huh?

Never heard 'A Whiter Shade of Pale Before'? Listen below:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random.org likes ME!!!!

When I got home from work today I spent some time catching up on reading blog posts and to my surprise found out that I was chosen as the winner of My Cakies recent giveaway for a $50 dollar gift certificate to the Etsy store Cinnamon Sticks! I started entering blog contests not too long ago because I think they are a fun way to find new blogs. I'm usually not very lucky when it comes to winning so I wasn't really expecting that random.org would ever choose me. Amber (one of my fav bloggers) recently wrote a post about winning a few blog giveaways. I guess some of her good luck rubbed off on me!

Thanks so much My Cakies and Cinnamon Sticks!

Because blog giveaways are awesome my post today is going to be a round up of some of the fabulous giveaways going on right now:

Real Heart Prints is giving away a cute cupcake tart from Candle Lynn Candle Co. It's just like a real cupcake. Minus the tasty factor that is (it's a candle after all)!

Kind Over Matter is giving away a favorite tee shirt from Clink Designs.

Amber of the fabulous Amber's Notebook has a chance for one lucky reader to win a personalized monogrammed vase. I rarely ever use vases so I won't be entering myself. Only because this pretty little vase deserves to go to someone who will fill it up with flowers and let it see the light of day! Click here to enter her giveaway before it ends tomorrow and who knows the lucky winner just might be you!

LePapier Studio is currently hosting a giveaway to win stationary products. Who couldn't use adorable some notecards, calling cards and notepads in their life? To enter the LePapier Studio Giveaway click here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

6 Awesome Eco-Friendly Products!

With Earth Day just around the corner...

April 22, 2010
I decided to blog about cute products that can help one be more eco-friendly. Without further adieu here are my picks:

Beadforlife.org's colorful bracelet and necklaces are made from RECYCLED paper! BeadforLife purchases also give back to those less fortunate. Ugandan women hand make the beads and the profits provide sustainable income for them to support themselves and their families.

There is absolutely no way you can say a brown paper bag is cuter than Vera Bradley's pretty lunch totes! Oh and I'm pretty sure trees will thank you for not wasting them to carry your lunch to school or work everyday. :)

Eco-friendly stationary products like this adorable notebook! Besides being made of recycled materials the other thing that makes this little guy awesome is that I rescued him from the CLEARANCE section of Target!!! I probably need another notebook like I need a hole in the head, but it was only $1.74 and there was no way I could leave the store without it. I'll admit I was sucked in by the adorable owl on the front cover! But really can you blame me?

I swear those talented people on Etsy come up with the cutest darn things. I recently found these cute reuse-able sandwich pockets in the shop Freckleduck. I know you are thinking cute but not practical. WRONG you are. The pouch is lined in nylon making it super easy to keep clean. The fact that they are only $6 makes me super tempted to buy one. I mean c'mon who wouldn't want to dress their sandwich up in style? And think of all those plastic bags you'd end up saving. :)

An eco-friendly home for your stash of makeup! This cosmetic bag from Alicia Silverstone's line for ecoTOOLS™ is just too cute for words. LOVE IT.

I just stumbled upon these GlassDharma glass straws when reading And Her Little Dog Too. Leslie is currently hosting a giveaway which ends Friday for a $25 dollar gift certificate to buy your very own eco-friendly straws! Seriously before tonight I wasn't even aware such a thing as glass straws existed!

See how fun being eco-friendly is? :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Just in case your wondering yes this blog title was inspired by that Julie Andrews song from A Sound of Music. Although oddly enough I've never seen the movie. Anyways, here are some things I'm loving at the moment....

1. Watching seasons of One Tree Hill on DVD. Seriously, what is wrong with me that I haven't been watching it all these years?

2. Handmade jewelry. I love how it's different and unique from what you can find in most stores. I love browsing for jewelry on Etsy, Ten Thousand Villages and TribalSociete.

3. Flips-flops, warm weather and dresses.

4. Blog giveaways. Although I haven't won any yet I just love entering them! I just found an awesome one that ends on Thursday for a $40 gift certificate to the Etsy shop sTuckIntheCoop. If your reading this hurray up and head over to the blog Iva Messy for your chance to win!

5. Music. Wait, who am I trying to kid? I don't just love it at the moment. I LOVE it 24/7, 365 days a year! Lately I find myself listening to the Beach Boys. I guess the nice weather we've been having lately is getting me in the mood for summer!

6. Oversized sunglasses.

7. Vera Bradley totes. I'm loving the new patterns for spring and summer especially. I think I Vera Bradley just might have to be my next handbag splurge.

8. There is a self-driving Audi named Shelley. And it's spelled with an "ey" at the end.. JUST LIKE MY NAME! Super cool considering whenever I went on vacations I could never find any souvenirs personalized with my name. If I was lucky enough to find to find something personalized it was always spelled Shelly. Go figure! It's all good though, who else can say they share a name with a super cool car? :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

NICA Nemo Clutch Giveaway!

The blog She Hath Done What She Could is currently having a giveaway! I love entering blog giveaways when I find ones that interest me. This time the prize is the cute clutch pictured above. I just love everything about it from the vintage design with the big button to the flower print inside! I hope good luck is on my side...I would absolutely LOVE to win this lovely little clutch. :)

Click here to enter this fabulous giveaway!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Being Eco-Friendly Just Got a Little More Fashionable...

Today while flipping through the April 2010 issue of Lucky magazine I was intrigued by an H&M ad for their new line, The Garden Collection. It's not only stylish and trendy but also eco-friendly; the pieces are made from recycled and organic materials! The collection is pretty reasonably priced as well (View Price List Here). Out of curiosity I Googled the collection to see pictures of it online. These super cute pieces remind me why Spring/Summer clothes are my absolute favorites to shop for! They are just too fabulous not to post, so here are my favorites:

I just love the bright flower embroidery detailing on this simple white tunic.
Tunic $17.95

An abstract flower print dress would certainly brighten up any Spring/Summer wardrobe!
Dress $17.95

A more subtle dress with it's charming little flower print. I love how the pockets are made from a contrasting material with larger flowers. The jacket is also the perfect addition to toughen up this girlie dress!
Dress $17.95
Jacket $34.95

This flower print tunic and khakis combo is perfect for a day out, whether it be shopping or a picnic in the park.
Tunic $14.95
Shorts $24.95

A simple faded blue tank tucked in a bright abstract floral print skirt give the illusion that this is a dress and not two separate pieces. LOVING this combo!
Tank Top $12.95
Skirt $29.95

Never underestimate simplistic. With only flower detailing on the neckline this white dress is still one of my favorites from the collection!
Dress $19.95

Another dress I really like from The Garden Collection. The light pastel colors are perfect for spring! And how cute are those sleeves? Ruffles are a trend I am loving!
Dress $19.95

Last but not least my final pic is this lovely tiered floral print dress with a V-neck that is paired with another jacket from the collection. This floral print dress is just too cute to cover up though!
Dress $29.99
Jacket $49.95

For more info on The Garden Collection and to view the rest of the line click here!