Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer Clearance & Fall Fashion Finds!

I know, I severely neglected my poor little blog over the summer months! But finally I am back with a new post full of some great deals from recent shopping trips! I was supposed to be shopping for fall clothes, really I was...but its so hard to resist those clearance racks!!! So I came home with...

3 pairs of flip-flops in SEPTEMBER!
(Please forgive me fashion police. They were super cute and INCREDIBLY cheap there was no way I was coming home without them.)

Old Navy Flip Flops- Marked $1.47 each +50%= .73 each!!!

Clearance items were an additional 50% off (at least they were at the mall I was at). So in the end each pair of these little pretties were only .73 CENTS!!! I was surprised there were actually flip-flops left over. The funny thing was I bought these at a mall down by the shore! Now that I think about it I probably should have just bought every pair of flip-flops they had in my size for that price! :)

FINAL Price after B1,G1 50% sale, $25 off $60 coupon and $40 in giftcards= $5.42

Next up are two pretty cardigans I bought for my fall wardrobe from New York & Company. I just fell in love with these darling Limited Edition Chelsea Corsage Cardigans! At the time I got these all cardis were Buy 1, Get 1 50%. In addition I had one of those NY&Co mailer coupons for $25 off $60 and $40 dollars in gift cards. After all those discounts I ended up taking home both these cardis for $5.42!!!! No that's not a typo. Taking advantage of sales and coupons can really help you make the most of giftcards and score some great deals! The famous City Cash promotion was going on as well. So I received a $15 City Cash coupon to use in November. There is a pair of jeans I have my eyes on...they were super comfy and just might have to come home with me next!

Charter Club Dress from Macy*s= $17.09 after discount

I nabbed this dress off the clearance rack in Macy's. It was originally $89.00! It was $21.36 and I got an additional 20% 0ff. So it was only $17.09. I'm still deciding whether to keep this one... The detailing on the dress is GORGEOUS, just not sure if the hot pink color too much?

Cutest (& Cheapest) PJ Bottoms EVER= $2.99- 15%= $2.54

The last three items are from JCPenny! I loved these adorable owl PJ bottoms ever since I saw them printed in a flyer this summer. I almost bought them a month ago but decided I didn't really need them at full price. So glad I waited! I found this on a clearance rack on second mark-down for $2.99!!! I had a 15% coupon to JCP so ended up getting them a bit cheaper.

energie Island Hibiscus dress= $11.99 + 15% off= $10.19

I got this pretty dress from a clearance rack at JCP too! I haven't actually worn this yet, saving it for next summer since the color is really too bright and summery for September! I figured it would be fun to try it on for this post though...just to prove crazy colored dresses that end up on clearance racks can be pretty too! :)

a.n.a sweater= Under $9!!!

I bought this with the $10 coupon JCPenny's sent out in the mail recently. Tags are already off because I was super excited to wear it. It is so soft and comfortable...I can definitely see it being one of my favorite go-to sweaters for fall. Not sure where the receipt for this one is at the moment. I remember the price I paid was a little under $9. The sweater was on sale for $19. I got a $10 discount with my coupon and I used a 15% coupon I had for JCP!