Monday, March 29, 2010

Charmed by Charm Bracelets

"Consider a charm bracelet "history on a wrist"—there is nothing more personal or symbolic. Laden with tiny figurines, fond remembrances, and sweet forget-me-nots collected over the years, charm bracelets chronicle small moments in a life lived."-Tracey Zabar

I've always been drawn to charm bracelets for some reason or another. I don't actually have very many of my own though. Actually, the only true charm bracelet I have is the one in the header of my blog that a bought a few summers ago in American Eagle. I also have two modular Italian Charm bracelets. Remember when those where a big craze?

I love browsing Ebay and Etsy for vintage charm bracelets. Partially because I just find it interesting to look at different ones with all their array of charms and also because I think I eventually want to get a vintage charm bracelet or two. Maybe because it's so different and one-of-a-kind from anything you could ever find in stores today. Each one really is like a piece of history. I feel as soon as I buy one though I won't be able to resist all the others. Soon enough I would probably find myself with a whole collection of vintage charm bracelets!

I recently stumbled across an article,"History on a Wrist", from that was about charm bracelets. It is mostly an excerpt from a book called Charmed Bracelets that was written by jewelery designer Tracey Zabar. I think a book on charm bracelets would make for a pretty interesting read. I browsed and saw there are a few other books out there on that topic as well. I might just have to add some of them to my reading list. :)

And because I am so enamored by charm bracelets It just wouldn't be right to end this post without of course including pictures of some! I just love how one charm bracelet can be so different from the next...

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