Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meet Lexington. (&my newest blog).

Isn't this pencil holder just the cutest?!?!? You can enter to win Lexington over at Westervin.

In other news it's such a lovely weekend! To bad for the most part I can only enjoy it from afar indoors... I had to go to work today and again tomorrow. Last weekend when I was off it was a dreary weekend. Go figure. (P.S.-Mother nature you really need better timing).

Oh and for those of you who may be interested... I have started another blog Boutique of Luck where I will post blog giveaways. I love promoting awesome blogs and giveaways I come across and lately it seems that's all I've been doing here on It's A Charmed Life. So from now on most giveaways will be posted on Boutique of Luck and I will resume to regular posts on this blog. So, if you are a blog giveaway lover go follow my new blog!

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