Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NY& Co. clearance rack finds!

This past weekend I went to the mall and found some great super cheap stuff in the clearance section of my New York & Company. There was a ton of stuff and EVERYTHING was 70% off! (On top of that I also got an additional discount for being a Triple A member). If you shop at New York & Company definitely check out the clearance section! They are probably clearing older merchandise so they can put new stuff out for the holiday shopping season.

Anyways here is my haul...
I got this shirt. It's just a simple white shirt with elbow length sleeves and flower detailing at the neckline. The retailed for $18.95 at full price. I nabbed it from the clearance rack for $4.26!

I also got a plain black shirt that looks similar to this one. Instead of flowers, it has silver rhinestones around the neckline. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of it on NYandCompany.com, guess they must have sold out of it online. It was $4.26 as well.

My favorite of all is the plaid ruffle cami's I got. I was ecstatic with this find, so much so that I ended up buying it in three colors (the fuchsia/cranberry color shown in the picture below, the brown plaid print, and the black plaid print)!

They were only $6.07 each (a HUGE markdown from the original sale price of $26.95)! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the plaid print and the ruffles... its just super super cute! I've only had them since Friday and I've worn the fuchsia and black ones already! Plus after going into another NY&Co. store this weekend and seeing these camis still marked at full-price I know I was very lucky to get such a great deal on them! :)

Happy clearance rack shopping! XOXO

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