Friday, October 23, 2009

Farmer's Market=FABULOUS!

Who would have thought?!? I went to a farmer's market the other day mainly because I was looking for those plastic claw hair clips. I'm a klutz and am always breaking them! I can rarely EVER find cute ones in stores... I used to find ones I liked at Claire's but their section for hairclips has gotten alot smaller. ULTA had some cute ones but they were insanely priced ($12-$15) dollars for a PLASTIC clip. Thanks, but ummm no thanks? I know those farmer/flea market places usually have vendors that sell clips for cheap so of course I needed to go there to see if I could find any. It was well worth the trip, I ended up getting quite a bit of cute hair accesories and a few other things as well! :)

Here are some pictures of my haul from the farmer's/flea market I went to...

These are some of the accessories I got. I got a pack of brown bobby pins that came in a cute little plastic case which makes them perfect for tossing in my purse when I'm on the go! I also got a few brown claw clips (I'm a brunnette so I just think brown ones look the nicest in my hair). Isn't the butterfly shaped one in the upper left-hand corner just the CUTEST?!?

Here are the other hair accessories I got. These are a bit more "fancier". I got a pack of ponytail holders made of green pearl like beads and a few more decorative clips with flower designs on them! I think pretty much all the hair accesories I got were only $1 each! The brown and green hair clips with flowers painted on them were the most expensive and they were only $1.35 each.... With prices as cheap as this why even bother buying accesories from a retail store???

In addition to the hair accesories I got a few other random items....

Some new scarfs for winter! One has a plaid print that looks similar to the trademark Burberry look and the other is just a white and black hounds tooth print. These were only $5! I love scarfs and love having a bunch so I can mix and match them up and wear different ones throughout winter. I think these will look so cute with my black pea coat. I am also still searching for a new coat for this winter. I really want a red peacoat and ordered two different ones from Kohls. I can't wait til they come and am hoping I end up keeping one because I think of these scarfs would look adorable with a red coat!

I also bought this bracelet handmade out of vintage pearls and coral beads. I LOVE it and thought it was just so cute and girly. Best part? IT WAS ONLY $5!!!! And it came with the cute little blue flower print handmade jewelry bag. This is probably my favorite item of everything I bought yesterday.

The last thing I got was this Christina Aguliera tour t-shirt for $1. I don't know what tour this is from as I have never been a one of her concerts but I love Christina. The tag in the back of the shirt was cut a bit so I have no idea what size it is but I'm sure its going to be big for me. I recently found this book in the library called Generation T 108 ways to transform a T-Shirt so I am thinking maybe I might try one of the projects in the book and make the shirt into something. One of the projects in the book showed instructions on how to tranform a t-shirt into a tote bag which I think its totally cute! Here is an picture of a totebag made from a t-shirt that I found online:

I might do that... if anyone has any ideas/suggestions about what I can make with the t-shirt let me know! :)

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