Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things I Love: Ruffles!

I discovered GussySews months ago while browsing blogs and am in love with all of, the shop owner, Maggie's adorable ruffled creations! I am also a regular reader of Maggie's blog (it's one of my head on over and check it out)! As a '09 college grad I am still trying to figure out my life (a.k.a find my dream job) and Maggie is one twenty-something I am definitely inspired by! She left her job last year to work on something she loved full-time (that something being her Gussy creations of course). On a side note, she has an adorable puppy, Bauer (I'm such a sucker for dogs...really).

P.S.- The blog Modern Frills is giving reader's a chance to win $30 shop credit to Gussy! Hurry up Iif your drooling over these ruffles as much as I am, Modern Frills is choosing the lucky winner this Tuesday March 29th!

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